What’s included in your no-cost initial plan

A comprehensive financial plan will encapsulate a number of aspects of your financial life. But don’t worry, we’ll focus on what’s important to you and what your needs are.

Your values, your goals. A collaboration.


1. Employer benefits analysis

  • If you currently have benefits, we can show you how to make the most of them for your individual needs. In addition, if you have a defined contribution retirement plan, like a 401(k), we can help you match your investment options to your ideal asset allocation.

2. Social Security

  • Help you determine your current social security benefit options.

3. Cash analysis

  • Are you saving enough? Can you save more?
  • See your cash flow and your balance sheet.

4. Retirement analysis

  • How close are you to meeting your retirement needs?
  • If you’re not quite on track, what are your options?
  • Do you prefer to retire later? Save more now? Or take more risk?
  • Answer the question: When can I retire?
  • What’s your current probability of success?
  • What accounts do I draw from first?

5. Risk management

  • What type, if any, insurance might you benefit from.

6. Investment management

  • You will have a personalized asset allocation.
  • You will know what average return could be expected.

7. Basic estate planning

  • We will review or discuss beneficiaries for all types of accounts.
  • We will determine if a trust is appropriate for your situation.

8. Optional college planning

  • You will know how much needs to be saved for your child’s education as determined by your current savings, the child’s age and school chosen.